Oct 2017

Manoj, Meredith, and Braden’s collaborative work with Daniel Gentile from Kevan Shokat’s laboratory on the identification and characterisation of novel Ras inhibitors published in Cell Chemical Biology.

Sept 2017

John has been awarded with the ASBMB Walter Shaw Young Investigator award to be presented at the annual ASBMB meeting in San Diego.

May 2017

Braden, Manoj and Meredith’s paper on the activation of class IA PI3Ks by membrane localised HRas published in JBC. Coincides with Braden being accepted into medical school at the same time. Congrats all around.

Feb 2017

Gillian, Braden, and Meredith’s paper on immunodeficiency mutations in PIK3CD and PIK3R1 published today in PNAS. Congratulations to all.

Jan 2017

Manoj Rathinaswarmy joins the lab as graduate student.

Dec 2016

Jacob, Erik, and Merdith’s paper on PI4K activation in viral infection was released in structure.

Sept 2016

The collaborative project examining malarial inhibitors from Dr Stuart Schreiber’s laboratory was just published in Nature. Congratulations to Jacob and Gillian. The work was also written up in BBC news!

May 2016

John just returned from giving a talk at the Phospholipase A2 meeting in La Jolla honouring his previous supervisor Ed Dennis. Photo attached of all of the former Dennis lab trainees over the years.

2016 Dennis Lab Reunion3

Feb 2016

Melissa and Jacob’s paper in J Med Chem has been accepted. This collaboration with the Shokat lab at UCSF discusses our use of structure guided drug design to make new PI4KB inhibitors.

Jan 2016

First last author paper from the group published in Protein Science. Also first paper published with the new mass spectrometer. Congratulations to Melissa, Jacob, and Meredith.

Nov 2015

PTEN HDX-MS paper published today in Biochemical Journal from John’s postdoc. Congratulations to Glenn.

Oct 2015

First paper from the lab out today. A hopefully useful review on the use of HDX-MS to probe protein lipid assemblies.

Also one of the last projects from John’s postdoc published today in Science. The first experiments on this sample were run in 2009!

August 2015

The new mass spectrometer has arrived, time to get some H/D exchange experiments running.

2015-08-13 14.46.35

August 2015

Melissa is officially leaving us for medical school at UBC. We wish her the best of luck. Melissa was the first researcher in the lab and has been an amazing asset in getting the lab equipped and the first research projects up and running.

July 2015

CIHR New investigator and CIHR open operating grant funded, a great sigh of relief by all in the lab.