Lab Members

May 2017- Lab photo


Lab members (L to R): Manoj Rathinaswamy, Meredith Jenkins, Braden Siempelkamp, John Burke, Jordan Stariha, Jacob McPhail, Gillian Dornan, Reece Hoffman. Front row- Burke lab members 2031


John Burke (PI / Big cheese). John is originally from Oregon, and did his undergraduate research at the University of California Berkeley. He then did his PhD research at the University of California at San Diego under the supervision of Dr Edward Dennis. After that he did a EMBO/British Heart Foundation funded postdoctoral fellowship at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology under the supervision of Dr Roger Williams. He started his research laboratory at the University of Victoria in March of 2014. Contact info (, phone 1-250-721-8732.


Jacob McPhail (Coop, Honors, and Graduate student 2014-current)


Gillian Dornan (Graduate student 2014-current)



Meredith Jenkins (Technician, mass spec guru 2015-current)


Reece Hoffman (Honors student 2016-current)


Manoj Rathinaswamy (Graduate student 2017-current)


Jordan Stariha (Directed Studies, Coop 2017-current)


David Hamelin (Coop 2017-current)



Ainsleigh Hill (Undergraduate researcher 2014-2015)

Melissa Fowler (Lab Technician April 2014- August 2015)

Erik Ottosen (Coop student, 2015-2016)

Taylor Lee O’Brien (Directed Studies, 2016- 2016)

Braden Siempelkamp (Undergraduate student (Coop, honors), technician, 2015-2017)

June 2016- Lab photo


Lab members (L to R): Meredith Jenkins, Taylor Lee-O’Brien, Gillian Dornan, Jacob McPhail, John Burke, Erik Ottosen, Braden Siempelkamp.

Nov 2015, Burke Lab birthday extravaganza


Lab Photo, November 2015


Lab photo, June 2015

Pictured (L to R), Melissa Fowler, Gillian Dornan, Jacob McPhail, John Burke, Braden Siempelkamp.